• Why Dogs Are The Best Pet For Eco-Conscious Individuals

    Dogs are often cited as being the least eco-friendly pet. However, there’s good news for the 42.5 million households who own a pet pooch as it’s becoming increasingly easier to reap the benefits of dog ownership while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is due to the likes of Biodogradable waste bags becoming readily available. 
  • Go Green With Kitty This Earth Day

    Celebrate Earth Day with your kitties by embracing eco-friendly practices that help you shrink your ecological pawprint. First, you could consider switching to a non-clay kitty litter, and look into composting the litter after you scoop. Wee Kitty clumping corn litter is both flushable, mulch-able, and biodegradable, and CatSpot organic coconut litter is hypoallergenic and completely biodegradable!
  • Reducing Your Eco-Pawprint

    Given Lindsay’s perfect pedigree, we asked her to give us some pointers on how, as dog guardians, we can become more environmentally friendly. Here, she offers easy-to-implement changes that will not only reduce your eco-pawprint, but will also improve your—and your dog’s—health.
  • Pet Sustainability: For Pets, People, and the Planet

    Each individual has the power to live a sustainable lifestyle in order to care for our planet,and an organization has the responsibility to make a tremendous environmental impact through their sustainable choices. Let’s look at Pet Sustainability as a whole and understand the importance of it at an organizational and individual perspective.