• Made In The USA, The Way It Should Be

    At beyondGREEN biotech Inc., we are proud to boast about our 100% “Made in USA” standard. All of our compostable products are manufactured in Lake Forest, California. This is a standard that we, as a company, feel proud to uphold and bring to our customers and businesses around the United States. 
  • Let's Turn The Tables, Let's Save The Earth

    As many us know, plastic is horrible for our ecosystems. Plastics harm the environment by adding a huge demand on fossil fuels and municipal waste. This clogs up nature's natural processes, and harms so many living creatures. What is the solution to single-use plastics, and how can we help do our part to restore nature from the harmful effects of plastic pollution?
  • Going Green and Sustainability

    by: Elysian Living  The first Summer season of a new decade is upon us and as we reflect on the first half of the year, it’s time we consider ways...
  • Home Composting: Celebrate Plastic Free July

    What is Plastic Free July?

    Plastic Free July is a global initiative made to raise awareness of plastic pollution and incite real change through sustainable actions. Learn more about Plastic Free July at their website located Here. Plastic Free July also put out a very informative video helping explain their global initiative linked below.

  • Earth Day 2020 | beyond GREEN

    What is Earth Day? Earth Day is an event held worldwide, April 22nd, to build awareness about environmental protection and encourage change.  The...
  • What Are The Benefits Of Home Composting?

    Why Compost At Home?

    bioCOMpet composter

    Home composting is becoming more popular. Not only does it reduce one’s carbon footprint, it also will benefit your garden! Home composting benefits not only your impact on the environment, but it also reduces the carbon emissions used to break down organic waste in landfills, as well as the emissions used in transporting the waste.

  • beyond GREEN to Feature on CNBC’s THE PROFIT Season 7, Episode 2 of CocoTaps

    Tune In To The Profit November 12th At 10PM: The Profit returns for season seven on CNBC at 10 p.m. ET Nov. 5. Marcus Lemonis hosts the show, about how struggling businesses turn around. CNBC called the program its most-watched primetime show this year.
  • Bee’s Wrap in Middlebury wins 'No Plastics' award

    Related Company: Bee's Wrap “No Plastics:” Vermont & California Companies in Business to Reduce Waste Win the People and Plane...
  • Expectations for 2019 & 2020 From bioDOGradable bags

    2019 Has Been An Amazing Year So Far: Here is a look at some of the things bioDOGradable bags has accomplished so far: Our Mission Moving Forw...
  • CNBC says California to Phase Out Plastics by 2030

     ORIGINAL ARTICLE:  CNBC   Written By: Jeff Daniels @jeffdanielsca KEY POINTS California lawmakers introduced legislation this week to phase...
  • bioDOGradable Wins Green America’s People & Planet Award

    bioDOGradable Bags has won the People & Planet Award for Green Business. The theme for this past quarter’s winners was Plastic Alternatives. The People & Planet Award recognizes US small businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment.
  • Why Dogs Are The Best Pet For Eco-Conscious Individuals

    Dogs are often cited as being the least eco-friendly pet. However, there’s good news for the 42.5 million households who own a pet pooch as it’s becoming increasingly easier to reap the benefits of dog ownership while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is due to the likes of Biodogradable waste bags becoming readily available.