Manufacture Your Next Sustainable Product at beyondGREEN biotech

We Make the Process Simple for You!

  • Product Design / Development

    STEP 1: We work with you to design the product you need made if you do not already have the designs completed. Once the design portion of the project is completed, we work with you to facilitate a step-by-step process to get the production for the product(s) planned.

  • Material Selection

    STEP 2: Once the design and development phase of your project is completed, we work with our internal team to conduct R&D trials using different certified compostable materials to meet your product's preferred application. Don't worry, we ensure all the products manufactured by us are either home compostable, inductrial compostable or both based on the nature of the product. Once the R&D trials are completed, we submit the material details to you for your approval. Once you have approved the material, we will work on the costing details for you.

  • Quote Submission

    STEP 3: Remember, we have strategic partnerships in multiple verticals and can manage costing, don't worry about high prices because we manufacture in the United States! We strive to provide our customers with costs similar to off-shore manufacturing pricing.

  • Production

    STEP 4: Once you have approved the quote, we will queue your project up for production! We typically turn aroun all project within 4 to 6 weeks for the first run and then as little as a week thereafter. Of course, this does depend on the size of the order. We can do partial releases as well and can work with you to prioritize your project if you are in a rush. We are here to work with you to ensure your product is made in time with U.S. quality standards!

  • Marketing Content / Certification

    STEP 5: Most manufacturers will take our order and then make your product and then are done. We are NOT most manufacturers! We go beyond! Our in-house marketing team will film your projects production if you like, edit it and share the content with you so that you can share it on your social media or with your well-wishers!
    Not only do we assist with marketing, we will assist you with the certification of your process. We understand, we are working with you to create a sustainable product, you need to back your claims up. We get it, this is why we will work with you and our contacts at certifying organizations to ensure you get the product certifications you need.

  • Shipping

    STEP 6: The last step of the project and the most exciting step! We work with you to ship where you want and how you want.
    If you want us to ship directly to you, we can certainly do that, If you want us to dropship to consumers (1 or 2 products at a time), we can certainly do this as well! Now, if you need us to blind-ship FTL or LTL shipments directly to your customers, we can do this as well! Essentially, we will play the part of 3PL for your in addition to being your manufacturer if you need us to.

Orange county, California

Our California Manufacturing Facility

  1. Specialty Project Manufacturing & beyondGREEN Branded Product Manufacturing.
  2. Blown Film Extrusion.
  3. Blown Film Conversion.
  4. Off-Line Printing.
  5. 6-Color Off-Line Inkjet Printing.
  6. Material Blending.
  7. Material Regranulation.
  8. Small Volume Injection Molding.
  9. Specialty Project R&D.
  10. Tooling (Mold Making)
  11. 37,000 sqft. Manufacturing Facility located in the heart of Orange County, California.
bexar county, texas

Our Texas Manufacturing Facility

  1. Mass Volume Production (Injection Molding and Extrusion Blown Film).
  2. Centralized Location for Distribution.
  3. HACCP & GMP Certified Facility.
  4. Tooling (Mold Making)
  5. 91,000 sqft. Manufacturing Facility located in the growing Alamo City (San Antonio, TX).

Our Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Extrusion Blown Film

    • Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.
    • Mono-layer & Multi-layer extruders for multiple different film types.
    • Capabilities to blend biopolymers to meet application requirements of your product's need.
    • FDA-approved films for food packaging.
    • Capability to extrude clear compostable film.
    • Additive options for slip, color, anti-stat, and more.
    • Film from 1.5" to 24" wide.
    • Up to 24" diameter roll.
    • Gauges up to 2 mil.
    • Certified Home & Industrial Compostable Biopolymers.
    • Ability to sub-license your finished products under beyondGREEN's certifications or we will assist you in getting your certification.
    • Tolling capabilities available. Provide us your material and we will process it for you in our extruders!
    • Any color film you need
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  • Blown Film Conversion

    • Gauges 0.6 mil to 2 mil.
    • Standard 1" I.D. Cores.
    • Color Printing.
    • Water-Based Ink.
    • Tubing.
    • Bag on Roll.
    • Side Gusset Bags.
    • Side Gusset Liners.
    • Lay Flat Bags.
    • Packaging Liners.
    • Handle Bags.
    • Folded Bag Rolls.
    • Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.
    • Current width capability up to 24" - width capability from September 2023 will be 50".
    • Current length capability up to 999".
    • Side gusset.
    • Custom die cut.
    • Header and stamping.
    • Film from 1.5" to 50" wide.
    • Bottom seal & perforation.
    • Custom styles & sizing.
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  • Flexographic & Inkjet Printing

    • Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.
    • Current width capability up to 20".
    • Continuous printing or precise printing.
    • Color match.
    • Design Match.
    • Water-based ink.
    • Single-Color Flexographic Printer.
    • Multi-Color Inkjet Printer.
    • Single-Sided Printed.
    • Water-Based Inks.
    • Inkjet (CYMK) printing
    • 72mm width (can be offset to any part of the width of the bag)
    • 5 station flexo
    • Hybrid printing (CMYK layer 1, followed by 5 station flexo)
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  • Mold Making (Tooling)

    Our Experience is over 30 years in mold design, mold making, mold repairs, and mold polishing. Our past mold designs include, fully automatic high cavitation molds for plastics and silicone for high volumes in healthcare projects, ATC can design and supply complete molds with machines from low to high volumes. Please click Industry for more details of Moulds done by us.

    • Multi Cavity Moulds
    • Insert Moulds
    • Silicone Moulds
    • Thin-wall Moulds
    • Screw Cap Moulds
    • Over Moulds
    • Compression and Transfer Moulds
    • Blow Moulds
    • Rotational Moulds
    • Prototype Moulds for Low volumes
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  • Small Volume Injection Molding

    Our plant is flexible enough to handle a diverse product range, while still maintaining dedicated manufacturing and production cells that specialize in the unique nuances of products or processes. BeyondGREEN’s plant supports not only a diverse range of products but also a broad range of injection molding, assembly, and decoration technologies.

    • Low-volume production.
    • Bridge tooling.
    • Pilot runs.
    • Functional testing and prototyping.
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  • Mass Volume Injection Molding

    Our brand new, state-of-the-art San Antonio facility was set up with mass volume production in mind. This facility houses injection molding machines with different tonnages along with robotic automation so that we can manufacture the products you require at an all-time low cost.

    • Speed.
    • Consistency.
    • Scalability.
    • Low Labor Costs.
    • Cost Savings.
    • High-Precision Dimensional Tolerances.
    • Low Unit Costs and Cycles Times.
    • Automated Production.
    • Minimal Post-Production Work.
    • Versatile Material Options.
    • Flexibility in Design.
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We Handle the Entire Project for You!

We understand that running a business is a very time consuming task, that's why at beyondGREEN, once we start a project with you, we handle it entirely. From the initial designing phase to when your products are shipped. We track and maintain data for everything so whether you need a weekly report or need an ad-hoc report for your business, we have the information ready to submit to you right away. We do not charge storage fees like other manufacturers and we will blindship and dropship directly to your customers so you do not need to worry about hiring a 3PL if you are unable to do it yourself.

Sustainability and Quality is What We Strive for!

We take pride in being a U.S. brand and especially in being a U.S.-based manufacturer. This is why we ensure that our entire supply chain is domestic. No matter what it is we manufacture for you, it will be produced by us at our own facilities in the United States by resin made in the United States and packaged in packaging and cases made locally!

Strategic Supplier Partnerships

Ever wonder how we can do so much at such a low cost? Its all strategy! We are partnered with our material suppliers and purchase direct for them, we also work with them to create specialty blends for specific product applications. We do not use 'middle-men' to get us our material, we purchase directly from our partner cutting out middle-men commissions / mark-ups. We purchase material in mass volume to aid in cost reduction and we never purchase 'off-the-shelf' material so what we manufacture for you will be unique and made from a specialty blend.

In addition to material supplier partnerships, we also have partnerships with our packaging suppliers. This assists us in being able to provide the full package to our customers at an all-time low price.

Take a Look at how we worked with Walmart to produce cost-effective compostable cutlery!

Walmart Launches a New Innovation in Private Brands

At Walmart, we take pride in continuously evolving our assortment to offer a broad selection of products that meet customers’ changing needs. We know our customers are seeking more sustainable products and packaging options without sacrificing quality or convenience. That’s why today, we’re excited to launch Great Value Compostable Cutlery, Walmart’s 100% commercially compostable private brand cutlery, made in the U.S. This innovation offers an alternative to single-use plastics, popular during celebrations, helping make the more sustainable choice an affordable one for our customers.