Why Go beyondGREEN?

It's simple... We've got one goal, help create a sustainable future.

beyondGREEN is continuously creating new solutions to combat the ever-growing harmful single-use plastic pollution. We are always looking for new and improved means of sourcing needed materials. Whether that be locating companies that better align with our initiatives or finding a more sustainable means of material. We then always look for better ways to refine our manufacturing with the goal of sustainability.

beyondGREEN is a proud member of the environmental initiatives; Break Free from Plastic, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Green America, United States Composting Council and The Pet Sustainability Coalition.

We are not here to create a product, we are creating a movement educating consumers on the effects their choices have on our environment; in hopes of leading them towards a future without harmful pollution to our planet.

Our passion for sustainability comes from our innermost care for the health of humans, animals, and the environment.

Manufacturing Capabilities

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Blown Film Manufacturing
Extrusion Blown Film Capabilities

1) Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.

2) Mono-layer & Multi-layer extruders for multiple different film types.

3) Capabilities to blend biopolymers to meet application requirements of your product's need.

4) FDA-approved films for food packaging.

5) Capability to extrude clear compostable film.

6) Additive options for slip, color, anti-stat and more.

7) Film from 1.5" to 24" wide.

8) Up to 24" diameter roll.

9) Gauges up to 2 mil.

10) Certified Home & Industrial Compostable Biopolymers.

11) Ability to sub-license your finished products under beyondGREEN's certifications or we will assist you in getting your own certification.

12) Tolling capabilities available. Provide us your material and we will process it for you in our extruders!

13) Any color film you need.

Blown Film Conversion Capabilities

(1) Gauges 0.6 mil to 2 mil.

(2) Standard 1" I.D. Cores.

(3) Color Printing.

(4) Water-Based Ink.

(5) Tubing.

(6) Bag on Roll.

(7) Side Gusset Bags.

8) Side Gusset Liners.

(9) Lay Flat Bags.

(10) Packaging Liners.

(11) Handle Bags.

(12) Folded Bag Rolls.

(13) Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.

(14) Current width capability up to 24" - width capability from September 2023 will be 50".

(15) Current length capability up to 999".

(16) Side gusset.

(17) Custom die cut.

(18) Header and stamping.

(19) Film from 1.5" to 50" wide.

(20) Bottom seal & perforation.

(21) Custom styles & sizing.

Flexographic Printing

(1) Turnaround time from 1 to 3 weeks.

(2) Current width capability up to 20".

(3) Continuous printing or precise printing.

(4) Color match.

(5) Design Match.

(6) Water-based ink.

Inkjet Printing

Coming Soon! With our inkjet printers, you will be able to print up to 5 colors and the best part is, each bag will have the ability to contain different colors and designs! Now you can get as creative as you want!

Contact us now at info@byndgrn.com to find our when our inkjet printers will be live!

Injection Molding
Product Development

We coordinate product development services in our technology center, including CAD design, renderings as well as models/prototypes. This is where we share ideas, ask key questions and focus on creating product designs and process technologies optimized for robust manufacturing - leading to lower costs and higher quality, along with reduced time-to-market and greater cost-effectiveness.


Optimal tool design and quality of construction are the critical cornerstones upon which successful injection molding programs are built. Our Tooling Engineering team is reich in experience, is continuously exploring and developing new tooling technologies and is committed to your success by building and maintaining your assets. Because every tool is unique and has specific requirements surrounding part geometries, critical tolerances, raw materials and more, we analyze and specify every aspect of your tools - design, steel types, runner systems, gate configurations, cooling systems, internal actions and ejection methods - to reliably deliver the highest quality part in the shortest possible cycle time.

Raw Material Selection & Testing

Our plant is flexible enough to handle a diverse product range, while still maintaining dedicated manufacturing and production cells that specialize in the unique nuances of products or processes. In fact, beyondGREEN’s plant supports not only a diverse range of products, but also a broad range of injection molding, assembly and decoration technologies.


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Our Headline

“beyondGREEN biotech, Inc. is a U.S. leader in sustainable product manufacturing resulting from (1) utilization of proprietary biopolymer formulations through advanced R&D in assistance with its partners, (2) custom-built machinery, equipment and tooling to process biopolymers through beyondGREEN’s proprietary processing parameters, and (3) being strategic partners with chemical producers not only to reduce cost of goods, but also to work with chemical producers directly to assist in development of new biopolymer formulations along with material compounding to ensure all product applications are covered, as well as being strategically partnered with its packaging supplier to assist in lowering the costs of finished goods.


beyondGREEN’s partnerships allow for it to always stay one-step ahead of its competitors, with access to resources from its strategic partners, beyondGREEN is able to constantly work on developing new compostable polymer blends and processing specs to launch new products. Each product has different applications, and each application requires different formulations, beyondGREEN works to develop the perfect biopolymer blend(s) for each and every product application.


While beyondGREEN’s competitors purchase raw materials which are already in market through a broker or distributor at a mark-up, beyondGREEN is fortunate enough to work directly with the chemical producers such as BASF to develop new blends which are not yet launched and gain manufacturing exclusivity at a discounted purchase price.  


In addition, beyondGREEN’s entire supply chain is located within the United States ensuring local domestic procurement while protecting itself from global supply chain disruptions. 


At beyondGREEN, we don’t just manufacture sustainable products, we focus on a “from soil back to soil” circular lifecycle.”


Our Timeline

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  • Company founded by Veejay C Patell and co-founded by Rudy Patel and Achyut Patel as bioDOGradable Bags.
  • Manufacturing in India and distributing compostable pet waste bags out of garage throughout the U.S.
  • Challenges faced with importing from India (QC issues, Inventory Control) and so decided to open manufacturing facility in Lake Forest, CA.
  • Lake Forest, CA facility opened (8,500 sqft.)
  • Started manufacturing pet waste bags (1 extruder and 2 conversion machines again).
  • Started Beyond Green, LLC. as parent company behind all brands (bioDOGradable Bags, Grow Bags, bioCOMpet).
  • Rebranded all product brands under the name beyondGREEN.
  • Introduced additional products such as grocery bags and injection molding services to the brand and business.
  • Corporate structure change from LLC to C Corporation.
  • Legal Entity name change from Beyond Green to beyondGREEN biotech, Inc.
  • Logo Change.
  • Moved operations to a larger facility in Santa Ana, CA (36,000 sqft.)
  • Opened second manufacturing facility in San Antonio, TX. (91,000 sqft.)
  • Rebranded logo to more corporate look.