Why Dogs Are The Best Pet For Eco-Conscious Individuals

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Why Dogs Are The Best Blog Post

Living Eco Friendly With Your Dog

Dogs are often cited as being the least eco-friendly pet. However, there’s good news for the 42.5 million households who own a pet pooch as it’s becoming increasingly easier to reap the benefits of dog ownership while living an eco-friendly lifestyle. This is due to the likes of biodegradable waste bags becoming readily available. But just how does the nation’s favorite pet make an eco-friendly lifestyle possible, and what can you do to boost how green you and your four-legged friend are?

Reducing your carbon footprint

reduce your carbon footprint

Dogs need to be walked on a daily basis for between 30 minutes and two hours, depending on the breed and size of your pooch. As a result of this exercise requirement, you’ll ditch your car and public transport in favor of strolling through the streets with your four-legged companion. This is particularly beneficial for the environment as the average car on the road emits 4.6 metric tons of CO2 every year, while a bus produces 822 kg of CO2 every kilometer. And, so long as you remember your biodegradable doggy poop bags each and every time you head out with your dog, you can be sure you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Greener social interaction

Greener Social Interaction

One of the biggest benefits of owning a dog is that they encourage social interaction. Research shows that 40% of dog owners say they make friends easier than they did prior to owning their furry companion. What’s more, when you own a dog you can’t help but stroke it, talk to it, and play with it. In turn, this keeps your mind socially active. However, it’s important that you only supply your dog with toys and treats which are eco-friendly. Non-green goods for dogs typically result in them being exposed to 40% more chemicals than humans. But by introducing treats made from organic, human-grade ingredients, giving fresh fruit and vegetables as snacks, and offering toys which are made from materials such as sustainable jute and sustainable wood, you’ll enjoy a green lifestyle with your hound.

A healthier lifestyle

Research shows that dog ownership is linked to improved owner health, particularly in individuals who live alone. A Swedish study revealed that such individuals had an 11% less chance of cardiovascular disease if they owned a dog. This is because the companionship a dog provides can make you happier and feel more fulfilled. This is also beneficial for the environment as healthier humans result in a lower prevalence of diseases and illness, as well as fewer medications being taken. This is crucial as drugs commonly taken by humans, including diabetes medication, are commonly found in the world’s bodies of water, threatening the lives of millions of innocent creatures.

America’s most popular pet is fast becoming a sustainable choice of pet. However, to ensure you and your pooch are doing as much for the environment as you can, you should always carry biodegradable poop bags with you and wisely choose the way you travel and shop for your hound.

Article Written By: Cassandra McMahon

Image Credit: Well Pet

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