People & Planet Award Winner

The latest achievement in Sustainability from bioDOGradable Bags

bioDOGradable Bags has won the People & Planet Award for Green Business. The theme for this past quarter’s winners was Plastic Alternatives.

What is the People & Planet Award?

The People & Planet Award recognizes US small businesses for their dedication to a green economy: a bottom line that includes protecting workers, communities, and the environment. Beyond GREEN, LLC was nominated by the public for their hard work and was awarded $5000 in cash to apply towards their marketing efforts, educating the consumer base on the importance of using products made of plastic alternatives. CEO & Founder, Veejay Patel, said:

“ We are so honored to receive this award that recognizes my dream to replace all single-use plastics, along with all of the hard work that our employees have made to move from our garage to where we are now. ” ~ Veejay Patel

Veejay Patel Owner of bioDOGradable Bags, Beyond Green LLC

What are our bioDOGradable Bags made from?

What are our Products Made From?

Our products consist of USDA certified bio-based, non-PLA/non-PE compostable bags which have been leading the way in innovative sustainable material. Since all products are made in the USA, bioDOGradable has been able to provide our customers with quality-controlled pet waste bags and dispensers along with cutting-edge composters to aid in the fight against the plastic crisis.


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