Expectations for 2019 & 2020 From bioDOGradable bags

Expectations for 2019 & 2020 From bioDOGradable bags

2019 Has Been An Amazing Year So Far:

Here is a look at some of the things bioDOGradable bags has accomplished so far:


Our Mission Moving Forward: Sustainability

  • Sustainability as a core necessity of the natural systems has not been understood by many of us until today.
  • We manufacture and consume products according to our suitability without having the end of the life cycle of products in mind.
  • It is time for our manufacturing community to keep the end of life cycle and circularity concept at the forefront when designing products.


The Time To Protect Our World Is Now:

If we begin to design products from this mindset, identify research, and then produce raw materials that are acceptable as waste and can be absorbed by the soil without harming its quality, then we are on the right path to please Mother Earth.

Unfortunately, our needs have grown far beyond what natural resources can fulfill. It is irreversible unless we replace at a much faster pace than we consume.

We recognize this fact:
We are aware of the current situation and our impact on natural resources and take the appropriate actions to be sustainable. Hence the inspiration for our name:  

Whats The Big Deal About Sustainability?

With my vast experience in plastics and thermoplastics, I have been fortunate enough to realize the positive and negative effects of plastics on human and environment health. Every business venture and new product molding in this industry gave me visibility and strength to alter properties and make materials that were less and less harmful to the environment. In a quest to further my knowledge in conservation efforts and corporate social responsibility, I took to the classroom at Harvard and received a degree in Sustainability.


This quest for knowledge and a wider understanding of our impact on our surroundings brought us to where we are today at bioDOGradable Bags. As a specialist in materials, I have conducted numerous hours of research to develop renewable raw materials formed from vegetable-based polymers that are environment-friendly, biodegradable and compostable. We invested heavily in studying these natural polymers and learned that they can easily be digested by soil and provide renewed nourishment to the ground. In order to ensure our results as beneficial and trustworthy, we achieved various eco and quality certifications on our products.

  sustainable pet products

A Dedication To Growth In The Sustainability Industry:

In the past two years of business, our customers have supported our brand bioDOgradable Bags immensely. Their love for our products clearly show that when companies produce consumables with sustainable materials, consumers will make the right choice and buy a product that is better for the environment.

We are very grateful that the environmental conversation is changing and that so many consumers are focused on the conservation of resources.

We want to continue to increase our sustainability efforts, provide quality products to our consumers, and give back to the communities that have helped us succeed thus far.

With the welcoming of 2019 and beyond, we look forward to contributing to the sustainability conversation in our local and larger communities, as well as pledging to keep our oceans and shared lands free of single-use plastic.

Founder and CEO

~ Veejay C Patell Beyond GREEN, LLC. Lake Forest, CA

Pam Graham
Pam Graham

When I first saw BioDOGradable Bags at SuperZoo 2017 I believe. I thought what an innovative company. Looking at plastic dog waste bags and finding a solution to plastic pollution. There are other companies claiming their bags are degradable. They are correct in saying that however when it eventually breaks down it’s hazardous to land, sea, air and people and animals. Not worth the price you pay for them.
BioDOGradable Bags part of Beyond Green LLC. Thank you for taking the initiative and following your vision to make our world a better place.

Eileen dewey
Eileen dewey

Nice to see a company making a difference

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