My Conscience, My Choice's new division, Equine Gone Green now recommends the best eco-friendly pet products and bioDOGradable is their first recommendation on the app and website for pet waste bags!

While there’s continued buzz about banning plastic these days it’s easy to forget about the day-to-day items we use.  Or,  if we happen to have a plastic guilt pang, we convince ourselves to think it's fine as long as we are "upcycling” or "re-using". However, plastic bags in particular (which are not recyclable in most areas) wreak havoc on the recycling system and and likely wind up where they should not. So use of less plastic bags is always the better choice.  In terms of pet pick up options- there’s no using paper! As pet owners, and especially if you happen to be a city dweller, plastic pet waste pick up bags are a solution we may use often and out of necessity -- purchased outright or "upcycled" from a recent trip to the grocery store. BioDOGradable (love the name!) bags keep natural matter with natural matter, if you will.  Made from a patented USDA-Biobased Certified renewable material derived from vegetables, they are also chemical free, leak-proof and compostable.  The large sized bags measure at 8”x13”, yet they actually hold up to 4 lbs of waste! They are fully compostable and if left in nature will be consumed by micro-organisms and other soil-dwelling creatures within 3-6 months (variable time window is based on environmental conditions). That said, they were tested to have a higher strength and tear resistance than plastic bags. The bags come as a single roll of the large size - 200 in a box (with a pop-out diamond window for dispensing) or as a box of  3 or 6 small rolls of 15, 9" X 12" bags for use with on-leash bag dispensers. Boxes are made from recycled material. The brand also goes beyond production ethics and is a member of 1% for the Planet, donating 1% of annual sales to support non-profit organizations focused on the environment. As plastic bags phase out, this is a great product to phase into.  


Written by: Dory Kurowski - Equine Gone Green

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