beyondGREEN Cat Litter Pick-Up Bags

EASY TO USE: Simply scoop your cat or kitten’s poop from the litter box into our handled and gusseted waste cleanup bags. Once done, tie the handles together to create a seal and dispose of in the trash or in beyondGREEN's Pet Waste Composter!

UNSCENTED: There is no need to mask the poop smell with scented bags, as long as their odor-proof! Once tied properly, these bags will hold in the worst of cat, dog, or any pet’s poop smell.

LEAK-PROOF: These premium quality bags are made with durability in mind and have an exceptional strength and tear resistance standard.

OUR PACKAGING: Made with FSC Certified Paper and Recyclable.

CERTIFIED: Our bags are Certified by USDA, TUV OK HOME Compost and OK Compost Industrial as per EN 13432 (European Standard), BNQ, and are also approved by Compost Manufacturing Alliance.

**Many mentions state that pet waste cannot be composted or may not be accepted by Industrial Composting facilities, Understanding this, we created our own Home-Use Pet Waste Composter which will remove traces of the pathogens within pet waste. Compost tested by third-party agencies.


Plant-Based Cat Litter Pick-Up Bags

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products

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