Dog Leash Waste Bag Dispenser

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Introducing our convenient and eco-friendly Leash Dispenser
made of plant-based biopolymer material, designed for easy waste bag access during walks with your dog:

  • Convenient and Handy: Keep your dog waste bags within reach using this leash dispenser, allowing for quick and hassle-free waste disposal.
  • Holds 15 Bags: Designed to hold a roll of 15 certified plant-based biopolymer bags, easily inserted and dispensed from the side for immediate use.
  • Easy Attachment: Attach the dispenser to your leash with a carabiner or to a belt loop, ensuring convenient accessibility wherever you go.
Rating: 1.0 out of 5 stars
  • Created with certified bio-based materials

  • Committed to creating sustainable products

  • Made in the USA

Customer Reviews

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Dispenser broke within a month

Very disappointed in the dispenser. The cover comes off very easily, so we had to tape it shut to keep it on. The dispenser then snapped where it clips to the leash. I had ordered two, so we are on the second one, but like the first one, we have to keep this one taped shut, which makes it a pain to change bag rolls. Speaking of the bags themselves, they are awful. The first roll of bags was fine. Sadly, since then, we've found that most of the bags split or tear. So that was money down the drain. I wanted to like these because they are made in the US and less bad for the environment, but they have been a disaster. Really bummed. Don't do it.