Regular Plant-Based Cat Litter Pick-Up Bags with Handles - 50 Bags

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Introducing beyondGREEN Plant-Based Cat Litter Waste Bags, a sustainable solution for hassle-free cat waste cleanup:

  • Convenient: Designed for easy handling and cleanup after your cat, with 50 handled bags per package.
  • Sustainable and Natural: Crafted from certified Plant-Based Biopolymer material, these bags are environmentally friendly.
  • Leak-Proof and Odor-Proof: Ensure a mess-free experience with leak-proof and odor-proof construction, keeping unpleasant smells at bay.
  • Certified: Our bags are USDA Certified and meet international composting standards (TUV OK HOME Compost, OK Compost Industrial, EN 13432).
Rating: 5.0 out of 5 stars
  • Created with certified bio-based materials

  • Committed to creating sustainable products

  • Made in the USA

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Stephen Mitchell
Neat Idea

Bio-degradable is a real good idea. My neighbor ran out of plastic shopping bags an asked ifI hadany. I said no, but here is something better. I gave him a couple of Jaclk The Cat's Beyong Green bags and he's hooked too.