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November 12, 2019

Disrupting the Injection Molding Industry With Renewable Material Technology

Lake Forest, CA: The parent company behind bioDOGradable Bags known as beyond GREEN, LLC. now uses the same renewable material technology used to create bioDOGradable bags to mold custom products for it’s B2B customers. beyond GREEN believes in reducing all single-use plastic pollution on the planet, and while it was succeeding on replacing single-use plastic bags with its compostable alternatives, beyond GREEN realized that there are many types of single-use plastic products polluting the planet, not just bags. Knowing this and considering this for future expansion, beyond GREEN decided to expand into injection molding using its compostable patented renewable material to help businesses avoid plastics as an option in efforts to help reduce plastic pollution globally.


Through injection molding beyond GREEN is able to use its patented material with biobased additives to manufacturer single-use molded articles such as; Disposable Kitchenware, Golf Tees, Single-Use Medical Devices, Furniture End-Caps, Single-Use Lab Molded Articles, Bottle Caps, Cup Lids, Stirrers, Containers, Cups, Wine Corks and much more. While beyond GREEN will be branding and selling its own compostable molded articles, it will be focusing on offering the manufacturing services to other businesses to help them reduce their single-use plastic consumption.


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