beyond GREEN Now Offers Custom Compostable Bag Making and Packaging Solutions for Businesses

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November 12, 2019

beyond GREEN Now Offers Custom Compostable Bag Making and Packaging Solutions for Businesses

Lake Forest, CA: The manufacturer behind bioDOGradable Bags, beyond GREEN, LLC. has expanded its production line to now offer custom packaging and custom bag making solutions to businesses looking to reduce single-use plastic consumption in their businesses. This includes anything from packaging for their products to compostable bags for procurement purposes as well as bags with custom printing for marketing purposes. Made from vegetable oil and maize flour, beyond GREEN’s compostable products have been tested by European Standards EN 13432 to compost within 3 to 6 months based on the environment. This includes anaerobic or aerobic environments such as landfills – In landfills, beyond GREEN’s compostable products will decompose at the same rate as any other natural products such as banana peels. 

beyond GREEN extrudes, prints and converts custom manufactured products at their Lake Forest plant. Each bag and roll is carefully designed to meet the needs of your specific industry whether it’s film, premier printing for retail display, or high strength and puncture resistance for industrial protection. 

Some of the products beyond GREEN is able to make includes but is not limited to are; Handle Bags, Lay Flat Bags, Side Gusset Bags, Side Gusset Liners, Wicket & Staple Packs, Packaging Liners, Perforated & Unperforated Tubing. It has been known to produce products with the following specialties; Produce Bags, Pet Waste Bags, Medical Application Bags, Trash Liners, Heat Sealable Packaging, Ice Bags, Colored Bags and Grocery Bags


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