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  • private label custom bags

    beyond GREEN Now Offers Custom Compostable Bag Making and Packaging Solutions for Businesses

    The manufacturer behind bioDOGradable Bags, beyond GREEN, LLC. has expanded its production line to now offer custom packaging and custom bag making solutions to businesses looking to reduce single-use plastic consumption in their businesses.
  • Injection Molding Press Release

    Plastic Free Injection Molding: Renewable Material Technology

    beyond GREEN decided to expand into injection molding using its compostable patented renewable material to help businesses avoid plastics as an option in efforts to help reduce plastic pollution globally.
  • bioDOGradable Press Release Super Zoo

    bioDOGradable Bags: In-House Compostable Product Molding

  • People & Planet Award Press Release Img

    The People & Planet Award Goes To bioDOGradable Bags

    Since all products are made in the USA, bioDOGradable has been able to provide consumers with quality-controlled pet waste bags and dispensers along with its cutting-edge composters to aid in the fight against the plastic crisis.
  • Reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution

    North America efforts to reduce Single-Use Plastic Pollution

    Cities and Towns throughout North America are increasing their efforts to help the planet in any which way possible, and while switching to a Non-PLA, Certified Compostable Pet Waste Bags may not sound like the biggest news, it certainly makes the biggest difference.