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The Issue With Plastics

As many of us know, plastic is horrible for our ecosystems. Plastics harm the environment by adding a huge demand on fossil fuels and municipal waste. This clogs up nature's natural processes, and harms so many living creatures. According to Seed Scientific, "The world uses 500 billion single-use plastic bags every year. A plastic bag is used for only 15 minutes on average but can last for a millennium. China, Indonesia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and Sri Lanka are the top plastic polluters on the planet. 10 rivers are responsible for channeling over 90% of plastic from land to the ocean.". With plastic bags being used more and more, we must utilize alternatives to plastic where we can to fix this serious problem.


How Can We Curb Single-Use Plastic Pollution?

There is many developing alternatives in today’s manufacturing plants that may act, feel and serve the same purpose as actual plastic while being able to biodegrade in a significantly shorter span of time. Over here at beyondGREEN biotech Inc., we are discovering many new ways to combine various renewable materials and convert them into plastic alternative products that are sustainable and eco-friendly. These products include items such as compostable dog waste bags, grocery bags, molded plastic replacement items and much more. Together we can all work as a team in saving the world one plastic item at a time. Come check out how you can be apart of this movement at byndgrn.com.

beyondGREEN biotech Inc Plastic-Free Compostable Bag

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