What Are The Benefits Of Home Composting?

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The future is here, times have changed, and home composting is becoming more popular. Not only does it reduce one’s carbon footprint, it also will benefit your garden! Home composting benefits not only your impact on the environment, but it also reduces the carbon emissions used to break down organic waste in landfills, as well as the emissions used in transporting the waste. Due to lack of standards for biodegradability in landfills, you can help reduce the emission of damaging greenhouse gases, help keep our water clean, and help keep the air fresh by composting!

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The Benefits of Home Composting:

  • According to the EPA, composting can help:
    • Reduce methane emission caused by organic waste in landfills
    • Lower Your Carbon Footprint
    • Reduce the need for artificial or chemical fertilizers
    • Enrich the soil with nutrients
    • Conserves moisture reducing spill off
  • This Helps Us:
    • Keep Our Water clean
    • Keep Our Air Clean
    • Keep Our Planet Healthy



Our Bags Are Certified For Home Compost 

Meaning you can safely toss organic waste into our bags and throw them in any home composting unit. In order to safely compost pet waste, we recommend using our bioCOMpet unit which adds heat to kill harmful bacteria and pathogens making it safe to use on your garden. The bioCOMpet safely brings pet composting to your home. This can be used as any other home composing bin, which will begin to break down any organic material, and our bags, within 3 - 6 months. The finished product is high nitrogen compost which can be used right away in your outdoor garden.


Provide Rich Nutrients To Your Soil

beyond GREEN devotes 80% of its research budget to varietal creation and 20% to bio-technology tools, making our material technology as current and up to speed as possible. With a breakdown time of approximately 12-18 months and our material being completely natural, it provides nutrients to the soil – making it a perfect chemical-free additive to your garden!


Manufactured in Southern California, USA

Manufacturing and distributing out of Southern California ensures our quality and guarantee. We NEVER outsource from China and have the most up to date technology for the manufacturing of bags from renewable resources. Not only will home composting save energy, money, and reduce harmful chemicals from entering our environment, it will also reduce carbon emissions.

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To Learn more about making your own compost, Check Out Gardening Mentor's Ultimate Guide To Making Your Own Compost

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