Why does beyondGREEN use plant-based & compostable instead of "biodegradable"

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What are beyondGREEN products made of?

beyondGREEN strives to offer its consumers a plant-based alternative to conventional and traditional plastics. Plastics are typically made from synthetic polymers, whereas beyondGREEN utilizes a plant-based biopolymer formulation. Polymer made from petroleum stay in our ocean's and land for centuries, harming animal life and polluting the ecosystem. beyondGREEN uses material made from vegetable sources rather than petroleum.

In the state of California, biopolymers fall under the umbrella of plastics. That means beyondGREEN's products are technically a plastic, albeit a completely compostable bioplastic. Our products are not the harmful conventional single-use plastics consumers are used to in products. All of our products are suitable for home and industrial composting. Products manufactured from beyondGREEN are certified TUV home and industrial compostable. beyondGREEN's bags will break down in home and industrial compost settings, whereas harmful single-use plastics will stay in the environment for over a century. The claims we make are on our biopolymers are backed by certifications from the USDA and TUV Ok Compost (Industrial & Home).

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This is possible because the material we use to make our single-use products comes from vegetable sources such as maize flour, plant-based polyester, and vegetable glycerin. beyondGREEN has not changed the formula to it's products, or made our products any less suitable for composting environments. 

Adhering to California's FTC GREEN guidelines

There are many companies "greenwashing" the market by claiming false narratives of compostability, biodegradability, green, and eco-friendly products. California has begun to crack down on what can and cannot be advertised as such. beyondGREEN appreciates the hard work from the state of California on these companies greatly and is proud the state is getting rid of dishonest claims from harmful single-use plastic companies.

While this has an overall largely beneficial impact on our industry, it can cause some problems in advertising and marketing for companies who are not trying to "greenwash" the consumer due to platforms trying to make sure they are in complete accordance with the green guidelines. That is why beyondGREEN offers complete transparency to let their certifications speak for the product itself, and to keep dangerous or potentially harmful verbiage out of their titles. beyondGREEN didn't lose any of their certifications or change our products. Our products perform as advertised. beyondGREEN was created to provide an alternative to harmful single-use plastics, an alternative that can be used and will break down completely in home & industrial composting environments. That is the main focus of this company, to create and distribute alternatives to harmful plastics suitable for home and industrial composting. beyondGREEN has not strayed from our mission in helping create a more sustainable future without the pollution of harmful plastics. 

So beyondGREEN's bags will break down completely?

Yes.  Our products are named beyondGREEN because we source our materials from the earth, and at their end of life cycle, that is where our products return to. They are appropriate for both home and industrial composting environments, and remain to be a great market substitute to plastics made from synthetic chemicals, petroleum, and other ingredients found in conventional plastics that are harmful to our environment.

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