Compostable Drinking Straws

As a country, the United States users an estimated 500 million single-use straws each day ( Many of these straws end up in ditches, landfills, and waterways. As people have become more conscious of our impact on the environment, the attention to a major straw issue has increased.

New alternatives have developed over time such as metal straws and paper straws, but metal straws are hard to get clean and paper straws get soggy. That is where compostable plastic straws come in.

What Are Compostable Plastic Straws Made Of?

beyondGREEN’s compostable straws are made from Nodax PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoate). Nodax is the first PHA polymer to be certified as marine biodegradable. It is also biodegradable in soil and landfills, as well as being home and industrial compostable.

How Are Compostable Plastic Straws Made?

Nodax PHA is a substrate derived from canola oil. Because the straws are made from a plant-based material, they will naturally be consumed by bacteria, no matter the environment that they end up in. PHA straws look, feel, and perform very much like a traditional plastic straw.

beyondGREEN PHA Straws

At beyondGREEN, our PHA straws are made from plant-based, naturally biodegradable material. Our straws are made in the USA from Nodax PHA and have all the properties of a traditional plastic straw without the environmental side effects or the sogginess of many paper straws.

Because our PHA straws are made from plant-based material, micro-organisms begin eating away at them quickly and the straw will be completely broken down in only a few months. They break down quickly in composters, landfills, oceans, soil, or waterways, without harming the environment.

Our PHA straws come in cocktail, jumbo, and giant sizes and are perfect for any occasion. Making the move to PHA straws from paper and plastic straws can make a dramatic impact on our environment. If you are ready to sip sustainably, consider the beyondGREEN PHA straw.

The Lifecycle of Straws

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