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The Final Straw. Sip Sustainably with beyondGREEN.


The Last Straw You Will Ever Need. 200 per pack (2000 per case), around one nickel per straw! The PHA straw has all of the properties of conventional single-use plastics we love without the harmful effects that we all hate. Made with Nodax (PHA). These straws are far superior than any others in the market. All the environmental benefits you love about paper straws, with the integrity of conventional plastics.

Dimensions: 7.75" x .25" 


  • ASTM D5988
  • ASTM D5271
  • ASTM D6691
  • ASTM D6866
  • EN 29408
  • EN 13432: 2000
This material comes from the soil and returns to the soil after the proper lifecycle of the product.
  • MADE IN USA: Proudly manufactured and marketed in the United States
  • PLANT-BASED: These natural and disposable jumbo straws will break down in a short time after disposal. This can be done in an anaerobic digester or in a industrial/home composter.
  • END-OF-LIFE: Based on proper certification these straws will perform a proper end-of-life cycle in either; compost, soil, freshwater, marine water, and landfills
  • MIND AT EASE: You can put your mind at ease knowing that you are being environmentally conscious while using this certified biopolymer, a green alternative to harmful plastic straws

Product Description:

This is the final straw. This Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) straw has all of the properties of traditional plastic we love, without the harmful effects that we hate. Made with Nodax PHA while being manufactured and marketed in the USA. These straws are far superior to any other in the market. beyondGREEN PHA straws are planet and marine life-friendly ways to sip sustainably.

These straws can begin to degrade within 3-6 months after proper disposal, giving the micro-organisms the proper location to eat away at the straws we were once sipping out of. These straws will go through their proper end-of-life cycle in many locations, whether that be in compost, regular soil, freshwater, marine water, landfills, and more, while not harming the location they're disposed in.

With the proper certifications in the material behind its name, you have nothing to fear! This material is certified as ASTM D5988, ASTM D5271, ASTM D6691, ASTM D6400, ASTM D6866, EN 29408, and EN 13432: 2000. This material comes from the soil and returns to the soil after the proper lifecycle of the product.

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