Plant-Based Dog Poop Bags for Leash Dispenser - 90 Bags

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Introducing beyondGREEN Plant-Based Dog Poop Waste Bags, the eco-friendly solution for convenient and odor-proof cleanup after your furry friend:

  • Convenient and Abundant: This package includes 90 folded dog waste bags on 6 rolls, ready to be placed in a standard leash dispenser for on-the-go use.
  • Unscented and Odor-Proof: No need for scented bags, as these odor-proof bags securely seal in your pet's worst smells.
  • Durable and Reliable: These premium quality bags are designed with exceptional strength and tear resistance, ensuring a mess-free clean up experience.
  • Certified and Approved: Our bags are USDA, TUV OK HOME Compost, and OK Compost Industrial

Did you know Dog Waste can be Composted if proper precautions are taken?

Click on the link below to learn more on steps the USDA suggest