Plant-Based Large Food Safe Multi-Purpose Bags with Handles – 500 Bags

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Our beyondGREEN Plant-Based Take-Out Bags are a convenient and environmental way to carry your groceries, food, or whatever it may be! Our bags are sustainably designed, unscented, natural, & leak-proof while being made from certified Plant-Based Biopolymer material. These multi-purpose bags are manufactured in Southern California. This package includes 500 handled carry bags. These easy-to-tie and leak proof bags are ready for any general use bag needs! Each bag is 10in x 20in in size with 3.5in gussets, this allows the bag to open up to 17in wide.

PLANT-BASED: These natural Grocery / Multi-Purpose bags will break down in a short time after disposal when discarded in an industrial composting facility or a home composter like our All-Electric Organic Waste Home Composter.

CERTIFIED: Our bags are Certified by USDA, TUV OK HOME Compost and OK Compost Industrial as per EN 13432 (European Standard).

LEAK-PROOF: These bags have a higher strength and tear resistance than your equivalent traditional plastic bag

MIND AT EASE: You can put your mind at ease knowing that you are being environmentally conscious while using our certified biopolymer, a green alternative to harmful plastic bags

SUSTAINABLY DESIGNED: With all aspects of the world in mind, beyondGREEN has been working on many innovative ways to manufacture for the future, let’s work together

Did you know Dog Waste can be Composted if proper precautions are taken?

Click on the link below to learn more on steps the USDA suggest