beyondGREEN Kitchen Waste Composter

beyondGREEN's Automatic Composter has the capacity to compost everyday items such as food scraps, coffee grounds, wood shavings, grains, and more! This composter is a two-chambered system that composts waste in the upper chamber, while curing the compost in the lower chamber. The compost process with beyondGREEN’s Automatic Composter is 10 times faster than the average backyard compost, making it easy for customers to compost their organic material into fertilizer that is soil friendly and free of pathogens.

The energy-efficient construction of our units allows for maximum heat insulation. This construction controls internal temperatures while also maximizing the energy used to heat the food waste for fast composting.

All these factors reduce overall energy usage which helps make our units energy efficient. Using energy-efficient products not only saves money but is also less stressful on the eco-system as a whole.

Our units are made from recycled and recyclable materials which are 100% recyclable themselves.

They also meet the efficiency standards of Energy Star (US EPA), and California Energy Efficiency Level 1V.


beyondGREEN Kitchen Waste Composter

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 products
Kitchen Waste - Electric - Organic Waste Composter - beyond GREEN biotech™Kitchen Waste - Electric - Organic Waste Composter - beyond GREEN biotech™
Saw Dust Pellets - 5lb BagSaw Dust Pellets - 5lb Bag
Composter Power SupplyComposter Power Supply
Composter Cure TrayComposter Cure Tray

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