Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Questions about our beyondGREEN Bags

How is a beyondGREEN bag different from a traditional plastic bag?

What is your product made of?

Are these bags Degradable / Biodegradable?

So, why are your bags green?

How should I dispose of your bags?

How strong are your bags? Will they break apart?

Do these bags have to be stored in a particular way?

Are your bags safe to use for other purposes besides dog waste pick-up?

Your Staff Education Flyer states that your bags are only resistant up to 80 Degrees Fahrenheit, what if our city has temperature that exceeds that?

How do your bags decompose?

Biodegradable vs. Compostable: Whats the difference?

How do you stand in pricing, you vs. plastics and you vs. other compostable bags?

What do your certifications mean?

Is there starch in your bags?

Are these bags water/marine solvent?

What is the shelf life in a normal room, cold room, or out in the open?

Can I use the cat litter bag for other purposes like for toys, diapers, misc. items?

Is there a possibility of mold if I leave my beyondGREEN Bags out?

Questions About beyondGREEN's Home Composter

Is it loud?

Where do you recommend people keep this?

Let’s say you don’t want to put dog or cat waste in it, can it be marketed just for say Apartment composting of kitchen scraps?

Can you do both dog waste and people food scraps at the same time?

Does it smell while it ‘cooks’?

Does the resulting compost work well in an apartment setting… like for patio plants, raised beds, house plants?

Why would someone choose this over a back yard compost or a municipal compost?

What if you’re in the north and can’t use the compost right away, might your recommend, the owner empty into a bag and keep it in their garage?

I see a value in office settings where they want to compost lunch room scraps… but what to do with 33 lbs of compost each week? In the winter!

How soon does one go thru the pellet things?

What is the cost of the pellets and any associated bags ongoing? What else is necessary to purchase with it?

Why would anyone compost dog waste if it is collected in their yard or at the dog park? To reduce organics in landfills? To keep it out of the water stream? Because it makes great compost?

Is it hard to clean?

Is there a warranty?