Plant-Based Leash Dispenser with Hand Sanitizer Housing for Dog Waste Bags - 1 Roll of 15 Bags Included - 9" x 12"

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beyondGREEN Product Certifications

**Does Not Come With Hand Sanitizer**

beyondGREEN biotech's plant-based dog bag holder is made from a certified blend of biopolymer resin which is designed to decompose in an industrial composting setting once disposed. These plant-based dispensers are completely chemical-free, unscented and comes with a hand sanitizer holder so you can ensure your hands stay clean at all times. They can hold 15 beyondGREEN dog waste pick-up bags.

 Dog Poop Bag Holder

Product Specifications:

  • Bag Quantity: 15
  • Product Dims: 12"L x 9"W 20µm
  • Pack Dims: 2"L x 2"W x 5"H
  • Pack Weight: 0.5 lbs

Manufacturing, Features and Certifications:

  • Our plant-based leash dispensers are manufactured at our own manufacturing facility in Southern California.
  • Non-GMO
  • Not made from Oxo-Degradable Material
  • Chemical-Free
  • Reducing current plastic pollution while preventing future global plastic pollution with the help of domestic and international non-profit partnerships.
  • Certified as a BioBased product by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).
  • Certified OK Compost INDUSTRIAL as per EN13432 (European Standards).
  • Certified OK Compost HOME as per EN13432 (European Standard)
  • Certified by Canada's BNQ
  • Certified by the Compost Manufacturer's Alliance
  • Trusted US manufacturer meeting highest compost standards: European EU 13432, TUV Austria OK Compost for Industrial, Home and Marine, BNQ of Quebec, USDA BioBased, and Compost Manufacturing Alliance.
  • Crafted from corn by-products and vegetable oils, creating a natural color and smell similar to popcorn!
  • No discard fear: With or without oxygen, the bag will naturally degrade.

Company Description:

beyondGREEN biotech, Inc. is a USA based manufacturer of products derived from bioplastic and plant-based polymer technology. All of our products are produced with the goal in mind of reducing plastic product consumption as well as aiding in the reduction of plastic pollution globally. In addition to manufacturing products which are a sustainable alternative to environmentally harmful plastics, beyondGREEN also works towards manufacturing green-tech such as it's own Home-Use: Indoor & Outdoor Pet Waste & Organic Waste Composter which in return reduces the amount of waste that flows into landfills and into our marine environments. With having patents on its compostable raw material blend as well as a high production capacity of manufacturing extrusion blown film products as well as injection molding products, there is no limit to what beyondGREEN can produce. beyondGREEN strives to work with its vendors, partners, and customers together in efforts of providing true environmental options which can be incorporated into the day-to-day lives of each person throughout the world for a greener tomorrow.


              Why should you use a bag that is plant based?

              Our bags are a patented formula of maize flours and vegetable oils – renewable plant matter - Non -petroleum-based product that is Non–PLA / No-Plastic, Non-GMO bag that is both home compost and industrial compost.

              Poop waste Bag  

              Our pet waste poop bags are made from vegetables! Why we do not use starch.

              Fermented plant starch, usually corn, is a popular alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics, What many people do not know is that starch additives result in a slower rate of compostability, has issues mixing with other plastics in recycling, and has a high use of genetically modified corn. Starch is most commonly found in Polylactic acid (PLA) a common form of bioplastics available on the market today. Starch based products such as PLA can only be broken down in controlled environments (industrial composting facility) with a minimum of 140F. Our goal is to manufacturer products with the quickest decomposition time and remain non-GMO.


              Help keep plastic out of our landfills

              It could take between 10 to 20 years for a normal waste bag to decompose in our landfills. If these plastic bags end up in our waterways or oceans they cause great harm to our ecosystems. We blend cereal flours with composting polyester resins and are presented in the form of granules. B3K complies with the European standard EN 13432 which the product decomposes fully, without toxicity risk for the environment, in under 12 weeks of industrial composting.

              Water Poop Bag  

              Our bags hold a lot of doody!

              Our bags are the perfect size for pets of all sizes. Measuring 9" x 12" our bags can hold up to 4 pounds of poop - 20 microns thick - perfect refill for dog leash dispensers.

              Plant Based  Non GMO Plastic Bag Free

              Made from maize flours and vegetable oils

              Our bags are made from the Earth and will not harm the Earth once you throw the bag away.


              GMO free

              Nothing fake or genetically modified in our bags!

              Be kinder to our only home

              Our bags won't sit in a landfill for a decade or two just hanging around making a mess of the place.

               beyondGREEN biotech

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