beyondGREEN Baby Diaper Disposal Sacks with Handles

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Diaper Disposal Sacks Made from Plant-Based Biopolymer Technology
  • beyondGREEN Baby Diaper Disposal Sacks with Handles
  • Leak-Proof, 100 Disposal Sacs.
  • Regular Size Measures 8" x 16" with 2.5" Gussets and Handles.
  • 20 Micron Thick. 
  • EASY TO USE: Simply place your babies dirty diapers into our handled and gusseted diaper cleanup sacks. Once done, tie the handles together to create a seal and dispose of in the trash!
  • UNSCENTED: There is no need to mask the poop smell with scented bags, as long as they are odor-proof! Once tied properly, these bags will hold in the worst of any baby poop smell.
  • LEAK-PROOF: These premium quality bags are made with durability in mind and have an exceptional strength and tear resistance standards.
  • PACKAGING: Made with FSC Certified Paper and Recyclable.
  • CERTIFIED: Our bags are Certified by USDA, TUV OK HOME Compost and OK Compost Industrial as per EN 13432 (European Standard) and are also approved by Compost Manufacturing Alliance.

This pack of beyondGREEN diaper disposal sacks contain 100 regular size leak-proof, poop disposal sacks which measure 8” x 16” with 2.5” gussets and are 20 microns thick. Like all of our products, these diaper sacks are also manufactured here in the United States, and that too in sunny Southern California! We are a ‘green business’ and therefore focus on the earth first, which is why this pack of 100 diaper disposal sacks is made entirely from plant-based biopolymers. We understand that your baby's poop will not smell like roses and that’s why our odor blocking unscented bags lock in that stink for good. Simple to open and tie securely. In addition to being made from plant-based biopolymers, we also ensure that we never use any chemicals to make our products, you can rest easy knowing that this is a chemical-free product! Even the ink we used is water-based! 

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