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Plant-Based Diaper Disposal Bag with Handles – 100 Bags

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Our beyondGREEN Diaper
Cleanup Sacks provide a convenient and odor-proof solution for handling dirty diapers:

  • Unscented: Our bags are designed to be odor-proof, eliminating the need for scented bags to mask any poop smell. Once properly tied, these bags will securely hold in the worst of baby poop smells.
  • Leak-Proof: We prioritize durability and quality in our bags. They are designed to be leak-proof with exceptional strength and tear resistance, ensuring a reliable cleanup process.
  • Certified: Our bags are certified by USDA, TUV OK HOME Compost, and OK Compost Industrial according to the EN 13432 (European Standard). These certifications ensure that our bags meet rigorous composting standards and are environmentally friendly.
  • Created with certified bio-based materials

  • Committed to creating sustainable products

  • Made in the USA