Manufacture your Compostable Bags, Liners, Film, and Injection Molded Products with beyondGREEN

We assist brands and distributors in reaching their sustainability goals by manufacturing their products out of biopolymers (bioplastics) certified by the highest American and European Standards for Sustainability
Custom Compostable Pet Waste Bags

Brand your own compostable pet waste bags and create an opportunity to send a powerful advertising message to your customers and community!

Custom Compostable Food Take-Out Bags

Advertise your restaurant on every compostable take-out bag you provide your customers!

Custom Compostable Grocery Bags

No need to go off-shore to manufacture grocery bags, we will make and brand compostable grocery bags for your chain here in the United States!

Custom Compostable Produce Bags

We have the home compostable produce bags that are leak-proof and will not loose strenght when exposed to moisture. Brand it however you like!

Custom Compostable Industrial Film & Liners

No matter what you application is, we got the compostable films, liners and packaging solutions to take your business towards the environmental front!

Custom Compostable Injection Molding Products

We do not only manufacture compostable films and bags, we also specialize in injection molding with biopolymers. Whatever you need made, we can make it compostable!

Manufacturer Compostable with beyondGREEN

Take Advantage of the "Made in USA" Branding.
Manufactured from Biopolymers Certified by the Highest American and European Standards for Sustainability.
Raw Material Certifications.
Assistance with Artwork Prep.
Free Warehousing.
Quicker Manufacturing and Shipping than Off-Shore Production.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Common Raw Materials and Additives

  1. Compostable Virgin or Recycled Resins
  2. High Density
  3. Low Density
  4. Anti-Static Additives
  5. Color Additives

Film Extrusion & Conversion

  1. Gauges 0.6 mil to 2 mil
  2. Standard 1" I.D. Cores
  3. Color Printing
  4. Water-Based Ink
  5. Tubing
  6. Bag on Roll
  7. Side Gusset Bags
  8. Side Gusset Liners
  9. Lay Flat Bags
  10. Packaging Liners
  11. Handle Bags
  12. Folded Bag Rolls

Injection Molding

  1. Tooling (Mold Making)
  2. Rapid Tooling
  3. Production Tooling
  4. Multi-Cavity or Family Molds
  5. Insert Molding
  6. Over Molding

We Believe in a Plastic-Free Planet

We believe in aiding in the reduction of single-use plastic pollution globally, but we can only do that with your help. With our expertise in processing biopolymers (bioplastics), and your need for single-use products, we can work together to create sustainable products for all your needs in efforts of reducing the consumption of single-use plastic products throughout our planet. Let's work together to make a difference.

beyondGREEN's Compostable Film, Liners, Bags and Injection Molded Products

beyondGREEN's Compostable Film, Liners, and Bags and are made from 100% plant-based biopolymers which make them industrial and home compostable, allowing for them to decompose within months. As a result of our material formulation, our products contain higher strength when compared to traditional petroleum-based plastics, are leak-proof and completely water resistant. These are the superior plant-based bags in the market. Make the switch now to beyondGREEN's compostable film products. We now offer you with the opportunity to create any size bag you want, in any color you want and with or without your branding.

At the same time, all of beyondGREEN's injection molded products are made from biopolymers which are certified industrial compostable allowing for them to have eco-friendly traits with similar physical characteristics of plastic products but without the environmental harm.

Start Manufacturing Your Custom Compostable Product with beyondGREEN!

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