Plant-Based Cat Litter Poop Bags with Handles - 100 Bags - 8" x 16"

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2019102 and Cat  

Our bags hold a lot of doody!

Our bags are the perfect size for pets of all sizes. Measuring 13" x 16" or larger 17" x 20" our bags can hold up to 11 pounds with our smaller sized bag while the larger bag can hold up to 20 pounds - 96 microns thick.



Green Earth  

Help keep plastic out of our landfills.

It could take between 10 to 20 years for a normal shopping bag to decompose in our landfills. If these plastic products end up in our waterways or oceans, they cause great harm to our ecosystems. We blend cereal flours with bio-polyester resins and are presented in the form of granules. B3K complies with the European standard EN 13432 which the product decomposes fully, without toxicity risk for the environment, in under 12 weeks of industrial composting.

Life Cycle  

Our cat litter waste bags are made from vegetables! We do not use starch.

Fermented plant starch, usually corn, is a popular alternative to traditional petroleum-based plastics. What many people do not know is that starch additives result in a slower rate of decomposition, has issues with mixing with other plastics in recycling, and has a high use of genetically modified corn. Starch which is most commonly found in Polylactic acid (PLA) a common form of bioplastics available on the market today. Starch based products such as PLA can only be broken down in controlled environments (industrial composting facility) with a minimum of 140F. Our goal is to manufacturer products with the quickest decomposition time and remain non-GMO and we have opted out from adding starch in our material recipe.

Why Us?  

Our sole mission is to cut environmental pollution by offering our next-generation technology of single-use plastic alternatives to the trillions of Plastic products used each year.

Proud member of the environmental initiatives, Break Free from Plastic, Plastic Pollution Coalition, Green America, and Pet Sustainability Coalition. beyondGREEN biotech believes in working beyond just providing a product by also contributing to powerful movements for positive environmental change. 

Cat Laying  
  • Made from vegetable-based material, once used, beyondGREEN products are consumed by micro-organisms and “earthy” creatures within 3 – 6 months based on the environment, leaving no traces behind!!
  • An alternative to Plastic Bags
  • Non-PLA/Non-PE
  • Non-GMO
  • Not made from EPI Added Material
  • Chemical-Free
  • Leak-Proof
  • Stronger than Plastic Bags

Strong and Certified!

NATURAL, Best Alternative to Plastic Bags, Green Dog & Cat Waste Bags, and other plastic products


  • Vincotte Certified Compost and HOME Compost
  • United States Certified Biobased Product
  • TUV Austria (EN 13432) Certified Industrial Compost
  • TUV Austria Certified Home Compost

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