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3 Gallon - 50 Plant-Based Trash Liners on Roll - Tissue Box Style - Perfect for Grab and Go Functionality - 22"L x 10"W x 3.5" Gussets - beyondGREEN biotech
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Sustainable 100% Plant-Based PHA Straws - beyond GREEN biotech™. Our straws are made from Nodax PHA material. This is the last straw. Sip Sustainably with beyondGREEN today. Backed with certifications, these plant-based straws are marine and land safe and break down in home and industrial composting environments after proper disposal.Sustainable 100% Plant-Based PHA Straws - beyond GREEN biotech™. In Image: Picture of our Nodax PHA straw in and out of wrapper. Our Nodax PHA straws have all the qualities of paper straws that make them enjoyable, without the uncomfortable sogginess that comes after drinking for 5 minutes.
beyondGREEN biotech™ Plant-Based PHA Straws | Jumbo Straws
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